Quando A Alma Nao Esta Pequena

(When the soul is not little)

Choreographed by Beno Novak

Concept and choreography: Beno Novak
Performers: Students of the first year of Performact dance Course

Music editing : Beno Novak

The piece was created on the first year of the Performact dance Cours in Portugal.

 It was created as a part of a longer workshop on solo dance choreography inside group works.

 The piece is constructed around Beno’s method of deconstructing one's memories to create solo dance or physical theatre material.

 He grounds his creating process on building material based on dancers' personal experiences taking into account the idea that our body has the knowledge to create and to choreograph. It is able to produce movements and it has its personal logic on how to happen in time and space.

 Each dancer goes through a 4 step creation process to discover at least one personal quality.


 The creation is a result of three weeks of research that was presented in a recently renovated olive oil storage in the town of Torres Vedras, Portugal.