Professional Contemporary Dancer, Performer, Choreographer and Pedagog

Contemporary dance piece

400 Rabbits / Kup Kuncev

A creation that was made in collaboration with Marina Abib in 2019. The tour of the piece was canceled because of the situation with the COVID-19 virus.

Contemporary dance piece

Matter / Materija

Contemporary dance piece Matter premiered in October 2020 and was choreographed by Beno Novak on Š.I.K. Collective from Maribor, Slovenia

Dance method

Zero Space

Zero Space is a method developed by Beno Novak.
He has been teaching his method in different academies and festivals throughout Europe since 2018. 

Choreographed by Beno Novak

Contemporary Dance piece

Body Concert / Koncert Telesa

Contemporary performance made in collaboration with 

Ana Romih in 2017.

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