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Zero Space is a method developed around combining different ideas and techniques to harness the body's energy and use it to its full potential.

It revolves around the idea connected to both floor work and partnering - Generating energy by dropping your weight. 

The main objective of the method is to multiply the body's energy with this principle and use that energy to amplify slides, jumps, tricks, etc., and at the same time to be able to land as smoothly as possible no matter the situation.

To execute these things Zero Space method also includes a collection of exercises based on a range of training methods and techniques. Such as animal-based movement training, capoeira, yoga, kung-fu, breakdance, judo, and more. To increase the overall body strength, build stamina, diversify movement articulations, expand the mind-muscle connectivity, and prevent injuries.

An important part of Beno's teaching is the transposition of the ideas that we as dancers apply while being vertical and use them also when we go into the floor. 
How to maintain the axis? How to counter direct energy? An how to train our body, to be able to receive the floor as well as the soles of our feet.

The workshop is a combination of movement exploration, physical training, studying principles and moves, improvisation, and learning dance phrases.

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