“Zero Space” is a movement/dance practice developed around combining different ideas and techniques to harness the body's energy and use it to its full potential.
It is constructed to help the dancers to develop their Floor-work technique and their overall spatial awareness. The method is based on the fundamental ideas of Flying-Low which have been developed and enriched along with the Counter technique and its principle idea of counter direction.

It is designed to help the dancers learn how to harvest the energy created by consciously directing and counter directing parts of the body through space, as well as in relation towards the floor, helping them to travel bigger through space and to be quicker in and out of the floor. 
In the workshop, the same ideas are often transposed also into partnering and contact improvisation.

The basic concept of Beno's teaching is how to transpose the ideas that we as dancers apply while being vertical and use them also when we go into the floor. How to maintain the axis, how to counter direct energy as well as how to train other parts of the body, for them to be as useful and as adaptive as the soles of our feet.

Furthermore, the method includes a collection of training exercises based on a range of training methods and techniques. Such as animal-based movement training, capoeira, yoga, kung-fu, breakdance, judo, and more. With the purpose to increase the overall strength of the body, build stamina, diversify movement articulations, and to expand the mind-muscle connectivity that is needed to further develop a dancers technique. 

The workshop is a combination of movement exploration, physical training, learning of principles and moves, improvisation, and learning dance phrases.

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