Evolucija / Evolution

Contemporary dance piece

Choreographed by Saša Lončar

Performer: Beno Novak
Choreography and mentoring: Saša Lončar

Sound design: Primož Oberžan

Cosmography : TIna Pavlin

2009 December - Kranj / Slovenia

In the performance, the dancer demonstrates physical birth through various movement sequences, which is also a symbolic illustration of birth in life situations, that take place from day to day. The next stage is the development of personality through the knowledge of feelings through which emotional intelligence is formed. Most often it is an experience of disability and pain, which are the main factor for the personal deterioration or the restructuring of an individual, where there is often the problem of routine and loss of interest, passion…, on the other hand, fears are stimulating challenges that are urgently needed to improve personal structures. So he must go on a search for personal freedoms, which are most often a socially critical situation and isolation in the system of standardization of the social values.
This is followed by a personal surplus, through the difficult stages of development of an individual who overcomes obstacles and shapes their stay into a universal quality.