Body Concert (virus edition)

Recreation of a contemporary performance

In collaboration with Ana Romih

Performers: Ana Romih & Beno Novak

2020 June - Ljubljana / Slovenia

The new version of the piece was created for the Spider Festival 2020 in Ljubljana.

The idea of ​​a new version of the piece was triggered by a new reality and a new perception triggered by the pandemic and the complete closure and keeping of social distance. New ideas were created about relationships and the importance of physicality in relation to oneself and others.

The basic guideline is to find freedom within the restrictions imposed on art by the current crisis, not to fight against these restrictions. After all, by fighting against these restrictions, we are only confirming the current situation even more. The purpose is to deviate from forms and expectations. Let bodies happen in time and space, move away from the prejudices of right and wrong, and face the new reality of corporeality and society.

We want the new body concert to be less like a show and more as a ritual in which people are invited to enter and observe - to become a part. It happens in the open with an audience scattered all over the space (at a safe distance, of course). The ritual develops as a result of the relationship between the bodies of the performers , space, the bodies of the audience, and the sound. In this way, we want to accept the audience as part of the whole, invite them to be a part of us and the space, and thus enable them to more effectively explore the possibilities and seek freedom in pre-set structures.