Kožuh, Luske, Perje

Traveling contemporary dance performance

Choreographed by Jan Rozman

Creators: Jakob Drmota, Alja Ferjan, Lea Stroj, Beno Novak, Katja Kušar
Saxophone: Dan Pikalo
Costumes and makeup: Tina Pavlin
Light: David Andrej Francky

2012 May - Kranj / Slovenia

The play deals with the connection between us and the outside and a set of body textures in the specifics of space. It explores the area between intimate sharing of experience and mass encroachment on an individual’s integrity. Involvement in one's own thought patterns and consequently involvement in the structure created by society. The dividing line between mind and body. It explores the relationship between an individual initiative and the immediate feedback from the environment that influences it. The distance between the spectator and the performer. Self-awareness, a foreign presence transforms our reality - a process of appropriation and rejection based on limited personal experience. Everything else is out of reach.