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Koncert Telesa / Body Concert

Contemporary performance

In collaboration with Ana Romih

Concept and Choreography: Beno Novak & Ana Romih
Advice: Saša Lončar, Jasmina Založnik
Lighting design: Marko Levičnik
Costume design: Urška Madved
Produced by: KUD Qulenium
In Colaboration with: KD Qulenium, SVŠGL
Financial Support: Municipality of Ljubljana

2017 September - Ljubljana / Slovenia

Body Concert speaks of two individual views on the theme of the sound of the bodies and the search for harmony between them. It is a physical performance where two bodies meet with the question of whether the body has a melody and how the body can be used as an instrument through the movement. Searching for a common language, which brings them together and at the same time creates a distance.

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