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Contemporary dance piece

Choreographed by Beno Novak

Concept and choreography: Beno Novak
Performers: Anja Spasovski, Nadja Spasovski, Vanja Kolanovič, Vita Trantura, Nika Zidar, Jasha Robnik
Music editing : Beno Novak
Design: Pika Žvan
Technical support: Lutkovno Gledališče Maribor
Production: Plesna Izba Maribor
The PiM program and projects are supported by: the Municipality of Maribor, the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, JSKD and other partners

2020 October - Maribor / Slovenia

I was born in the minds of the ancient Greeks. For them, I was the air breathed by the gods. Aristotle called me the immutable and indestructible element that filled the space. Rene Descartes believed that it was I who carries the celestial bodies around the sun. There were and still are those who do not believe in my existence. Those who do, think I am an invisible, all-pervasive medium thought which light propagates.
Albert Einstein said that to deny my presence is ultimately to assume that empty space has no physical qualities what so ever.
Although many have tried to prove my existence, none have succeeded so far.
I am an unknown substance made up of particles that are constantly moving and assembling into different structures. My shape is constantly changing, and my state is alternating as well. I am eternal, indestructible, and innumerable.
Some of you know me as the ….. element.

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