Mesnica / Butcher shop

Contemporary dance piece

Choreographed by Sabina Schwenner

Concept and direction: Sabina Schwenner
Co-creators and performers: Miha Blažič N'toko, Andreja Kopač, Beno Novak, Uroš Potočnik, Sabina Schwenner, Veronika Valdes

2011 September - Ljubljana / Slovenia

Specimens of flesh and blood come to the Butcher's; alpha characters, beta potentials and gamma enlighteners. The butcher shop is the story of a snob who feeds his dog meat and at the same time opposes the killing of animals. About him paying for sex and about her being paid to be quiet. About a meat shop where no blood can be seen. The butcher shop is a place for kneading ideological dough, made of pieces of fat , discussing a healthy life, and solid moral views on anything; liposuction dilemmas, slaughter conditions or digested meat pathways. The butcher is the womb of the world; in which humans are the most developed beings, animals do not know how to ignite fire, while the fate of plants is the domain of higher forces. "What if the tomato also feels it? What if everyone suddenly stopped dealing with themselves? What if all the alpha males were sterilised ?" A lot of things can happen in the Butcher shop.