Contemporary dance Piece

Choreographed by Saša Lončar

Choreography: Saša Lončar
Performers: Dance group XS: Ana Kovačič, Ana Romih, Kim Čadež, Maša Jamnik, Lea Likar, Lea Stroj, Monika Ravnikar, Tjaša Konec, Neža Hribar, Jan Rozman in Beno Novak.

2005 October - Kranj / Slovenia

We are the basic elements of all organisms. The world of cells in and around us is the basis of living things and proof of the kinship ties of living beings. We float in the air, we swim in puddles… We are interesting protozoa, dangerous viruses, vital bacteria, lazy parasites… We divide and unite, we travel into the unknown, we adapt and mutate…