Neforma 78

Improvisational event

Collaborative event

Dancers: April Velelko, Beno Novak
Musicians: Matjaž Bajc (double bass), Urban Kušar (drumms)

2020 January - Ljubljana / Slovenia

Neforma is a series of music and dance improvisations that study the process and welcome mistakes, mishaps, stage disasters, as it is aware that these provide the best study examples.

The thematic modules that will appear over the next four year period are:
Live Once Again – Reconstruction
New Encounters
Element of Surprise

With this Neforma we are jumping into the new year with the 78th eddition! It will be designed by four creators of the younger generation, who are still in shape to drive blood through our veins. They can’t wait to venture into the risk space and surrender to moments of surprise. Diverse, driven, independent, penetrating, they will challenge each other through sound and dance for the first time together, in front of us. In the month of December, when the sun shines more on the rising day again, we invite you to climb out of your lairs so that we can shine on you.