Neforma 83

Improvisational event

Collaborative event

Dance: Leon Marič, Beno Novak
Voice: Tea Vidmar, Vesna Godler
Program designe: Suzana Koncut, Andrej Fon.

2021 January - Ljubljana / Slovenia

Neforma is a series of music and dance improvisations that study the process and welcome mistakes, mishaps, stage disasters, as it is aware that these provide the best study examples.

The thematic modules that will appear over the next four year period are:
Live Once Again – Reconstruction
New Encounters
Element of Surprise

We start with this year’s Neforma, the first closed and far from the public. We persist and maintain the activity, as study-process-oriented music-dance improvisation opens space for research, experimentation, live co-creation and collaboration of artists from different fields. We will diligently record, archive and historically inform you in various media and in different ways.


The combination of two singers and two dancers leads us to the river: she dances the way she sings / whistles / says. Will it really be so? Proverbs are often hardy of old, conservative patterns and hierarchies. Neforma, however, is here to transcend them. However, we cannot deny the dictatorial nature of sound - we get rid of the image by closing our eyes. However, our ears do not have eyelids that would protect us from hearing (free according to Quignard)
Huh, we’ll see (though only in the clip and - if we don’t blink!).