Contemporary dance piece

Choreographed by Ricardo Ambrozio

Concept, Direction: Ricardo Ambrózio
Creation, Interpretation: Alison Clarke, Beno Novak, Claudio Rabeca, Luis García López (Fruta) Marina Abib, Mufutau Yusuf, Pieter Desmet, Rodrigo Ramalho
Original Music: Claudio Rabeca, Rodrigo Ramalho Costumes Renata Lamenza
Costume Assistance: Cisse Royens
Light design: Arjan Hendrickx
Co-production: Ilú Dança Teatro
Special thanks to CC De Werft, CC Wolu-bilis, Maison de la Creation, Workspace Brussels, GC De Krie-kelaar, Ultima Vez

2017 November - Brussels / Belgium

People, home, roots, travel, identity, together, different, road, me, you… us. Fed in “saudade”, and in my personal search of an identity rooted so deeply that it doesn’t mat-ter where: I’m at home. I’m at home because I know from where I came from, I know the bricks that built my walls, I know the desires that end my hunger, and the tears that quench my thirst. I take my home with me and spread it all over, inviting people to this feast of senses that it is to be Brazilian.

Based on this search of a home and identity, RAÍZES, a trip of different people will carry us through the most deep labyrinth of our souls and make us question how deep are our roots.

Brazilian based live music and vertiginous movements out of the fusion of contempo-rary dance and popular dances of the world will spice this performance and strike you by the vigorous energy and total surrender of the performers.