Senser 2016

Contemporary dance solo priece

Choreographed by Matej Kejžar

Dancer: Beno Novak

2016 May - Salzburg / Austria

“Senser 2016” is a 25-28 minute solo piece which was made as a re-creation of the piece “Senser” originally performed by the chorographer Matej Kejžar himself in 2010. The piece was embedded on to another’s dancers body and was stripped down to the basic layers of weight transferring and its resonance trough the body.

“Senser” was essentially based on individualism and a rational conclusion that pure individualism in today’s world does not exist. It is merely based on conformations inside different social groups. Which means that we are basically confirming individuality with the averageness of other people.
Moreover, nowadays, the idea of individualism is being highly exploited as a mechanism to create separatism, to divide people in to smaller groups with different stands, rights, privileges, freedoms, etc. As a result of this differences, there are frictions being created between these groups, which are being used by capitalism -a system that is not ethnically, religiously, racially, sexually, culturally, politically, etc. determined but interested only in profit.
A system that manipulates us with the help of media by constantly exposing us to images about how to look, how to behave, what is “in” what is “out”, what we need to own, what is expected of us etc. and therefore a system that is ruining the authenticity of individualism.
The idea of the solo is to achieve freedom inside the system, instead of fighting it. Considering that the system always “is” and that fighting against it only affirms it more.

More than a performance the piece resembles a personal ritual, which the people are invited to enter and observe – be a part of. It happens in a small space with audience on both sides of the stage, relatively close to the dancer.
The ritual develops as a result of relations between body, space, sound, and mechanism (represented by the light and the sensor). Where the space and the mechanism are a constant and the body and sound are steadily evolving.
The dancer takes the audience on a journey where he explores his options and tries to find freedom inside preset structures / systems.

The solo is trying to deviate from forms and expectations. It lets the body happen in time and space, helps it depart from prejudice of right and wrong and confronts the dancer with himself, while helping him find his own functionality through sense.