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To Ressurect 2.0

Improvisational concert

Collaborative event

Body: Beno Novak
Saxophone: Boštjan Simon
Drums: Elvis Homan

2022 June - Ljubljana / Slovenia

To Ressurect 2.0 is a development of the artists first collaboration at the Spider Festival Ljubljana in 2021.
They joined in to a trio and created and experiment between bodies and instruments.

The fact is that our environment is permeated and saturated with digital, but invisible clouds. As such, these invisible concentrations of algorithms and choreographed commandments direct and regulate every physical presence of all organisms, living and non-living alike. The physical presence seems to be especially paradoxical, and in the function of invisible choreographic appropriations. Conversely, it is exactly this physical presence that is conditioned by the physical experience, an experience in time of a particular heartbeat and the exchange of O2 and CO2.

In the space between the visible and the invisible, between the audible and the heard, between something that can be caught and something that cannot, the dancer and the musician cross paths. In it exactly in this in-between space, devoid of coincidence or surprise, that this paradox becomes the driving force behind the performers' physical presence.

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