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To Resurrect

Improvisational concert

Collaborative event

Body: Beno Novak
Saxophone: Boštjan Simon
Drums: Elvis Homan

2021 June - Ljubljana / Slovenia

In this collaborative performance Beno joined the Si Ho Duality Duet that consists of Boštjan Simon (Saxophonist) and Elvis Homan (Percussionist).
Together they created a trio performance / concert with two musicians and a dancer.
A new contact-microphone installation which will be attached to a dancer's (or dancers') body which will thus become a musical instrument. But it doesn't end there. The other side of this chain will be taken by Si/Ho who will manipulate, arrange, control the incoming sounds, thus becoming an important part of the composition. We all resurrect each other. Simon and Hofman tell us that “the peak of this performance occurs when the dancer frees themself from the mics and goes nuts.”

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