Ventilator: digital 1.5 (1)

Improvisational event

Guided by Jan Rozman

Idea: Jan Rozman
Performers: Beno Novak, Julija Pečnikar, Jan Rozman, Liza Šimenc
Sound: Luka Seliškar
Costumography: Tanja Pađan / Kiss the Future
Video documentation: Juš Jeraj
Foto: Marijo Župan

2021 May - Ljubljana / Slovenia

The digital 1.5 project is a series of five staging events that explore touch. Each event is an independent attempt to haptically read the world with a digital understanding of physicality and the practice of proximity to each other and the coexistence of objects to which viewers are invited. The selected group of bodies establishes contact with other bodies in space - with the bodies of performers, with the body of space, with the sound body and the bodies of technological objects. The latter are an increasingly important interface for our entry into the world. using them, digital 1.5 questions the mediatization of closeness and intimacy, and by applying the solid digital logic of devices and their software to the soft organic bodies of people, speculates about man, who is not only a source of information but also a device for processing and storing data.
Touch in digital 1.5 is a way of communicating and a means of meeting others; is digitized data and transmission medium at the same time. The project draws on the idea of ​​the medium as given by Y. Citton in his book The Ecology of Attention. He describes the media as diffuse ecosystems that not only represent reality but actively shape it. This is how the 'infrastructure of resonances that condition our attention' is formed according to the ideas that 'surround and fill us'. In this respect, digital 1.5 is not looking for a loud staging gesture, but wants to provide a space of visibility or, in Citton's language, an environment of reasoning for increasingly marginalized and pandemic transgressive practices of closeness and touch.