Improvisational concert

Collaborative event


Body: Beno Novak
Saxophone: Boštjan Simon
Drums: Elvis Homan

This performance is designed as a concert for two musicians and a dancer.
A contact-microphone installation is laid out in the space as well as attached to the dancer’s body which thus through movements becomes a musical instrument. But it doesn't end there. The other side of this installation is taken by the musicians who manipulate, arrange, control the incoming sounds, thus making it an important part of the sound composition.

The performers keep feeding each other with sound and energy and as they call it… 

Resurrecting each other.

The work is an improvisation based around a score. Both for the dancer as for the musician. It is meant to be performed in an open space, preferably a public space. The only restriction is that the space should have good acoustics as the quality of the sound is important for the performance.

Created for the Spider Festival Ljubljana 2021.